Updates on the smarterSec Security Platform from February 2024

As the digital attack surface continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve in terms of cybersecurity. That is why we are excited to share with you the advancements we have made to our platform to better protect our customers from cyber threats. In this blog series, we will continuously highlight the newest features and updates that make the smarterSec Security Platform even more powerful for safeguarding your digital assets. From enhanced threat detection to improved user experience, our developments help our customers to stay one step ahead of potential security breaches. Whether you are a current user or just interested in learning more about smarterSec, this blog series is for you. Your feedback is more than welcome. So, join us as we take a closer look at the latest innovations for the smarterSec Security Platform.

If you want to dive deeper into the functionalities of the smarterSec Security Platform, you can find more information here: smarterSec Security Platform

New features & improvements

Main features

Finding Monitor (Delta)

In this release, the Dashboard has a lot of new features. The first is a traffic light that shows the status of the system at a glance. Red – The system has at least one finding with a severity of “Very High” or “High”. Yellow – The system has at least one finding with a severity of “Medium”. Blue – The highest severity in the system is “Info”. Green – The system has only findings with a severity of “Info”.

The next addition is the “Target Configuration” section. Here the user of the Security Platform is informed about the validity of his license and the connection information to the SAP system.

Below the heatmap and pie chart, we added a section to show the delta of the top three testcases with the most new findings and the top three testcases with the most findings mitigated.

The corresponding documentation and individual findings are always just a click away. You can find them under “Actions”.

Any time period and date can be used to calculate the delta. Here as an example where we have changed the time period to two days:

The “Delta views” button displays all testcases that have changed in number of findings during the defined time period.

Testcase execution history

This section has been split into two parts to make it easier to understand which testcases are overdue and which are recently scheduled.

Testcase Documentation

The testcase documentation has been enhanced with full Markdown support. This gives us new formatting functionality. One such feature is embedding links to external resources, as shown below for SAP Note 209899.

Additionally, a new content block “External References” has been added to all testcases. It shows all resources used and quoted in the documentation. For example, SAP Notes, BSI and DSAG guides, etc.

Testcase Groups

Another new feature in this release are the so called testcase groups. Testcase groups show related testcases. For example, here a group has been created for all RFC related testcases. This makes it easier to select similar testcases.

Value Lists

In this release, we have added the long requested value lists feature to the smarterSec Security Platform.

Below is a sample scan with the testcase “Users with Profile SAP_ALL”.

This scan revealed 141 findings.

In the next step, I’ll add myself to the “Administrators ECC” value list, but I could also create a new one.

Here I added my username.

For this use case, I chose the “Equal to” comparator, but there are other options available.

The “Usages” button allows me to check where the value list is used. This value list applies to three testcases and is limited to the SAP system “ECC”. If the system is left empty, this value list applies to any configured system. The column is the one seen in the results to which the value is applied. In this case we are filtering for users, so we choose “BNAME”.

After saving the value list, it applies to all existing scans. As you can see in our example scan, the number was reduced by one to 140.

But it also applies to each new scan.

Testcase numbers

As you can see in the screenshots above, we have added testcase numbers at every relevant place to facilitate communication about these testcases.


New Testcases

  • “Check method of storing authorizations in user buffer”: The buffering method of authorization should be set to “immediate update” after changes have been made to users authorization. If it is nit set to ‘immediate update’ the users will keep their old (not adjusted) authorization as long they do not logout from their current session.

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