SAP Mitigation Services

Effective vulnerability remediation for your SAP system landscape with total project safety (in-time & in-budget)

What is the threat of existing security vulnerabilities and compliance violations in my SAP systems?

Existing security vulnerabilities and compliance violations in SAP systems represent a significant threat to your company’s IT security. Cybercriminals and hackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to penetrate the SAP system and steal, modify or delete sensitive data. In doing so, they can cause serious damage by stealing financial data, paralyzing production or blackmailing the company.

Compliance violations can also have serious consequences. Companies must comply with a wide range of laws and regulations in order to conduct their business processes legally and ethically. If they violate these regulations, they can suffer heavy fines and reputational damage.

In addition, companies that operate SAP systems must ensure the data security and privacy of their customers and business partners. A data leak can have a significant impact on customer and partner confidence in the company and cause long-term damage to the company’s reputation.

It is therefore crucial that companies address security gaps and compliance breaches in SAP systems to protect their IT systems and data and meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

SAP Mitigation Services

In mature SAP system landscapes often exist large numbers of vulnerabilities. Removing them and minimizing the resulting security & compliance risks require significant internal resources and efforts. With our SAP mitigation services, experts clean up your vulnerabilities based on best practices and give you total project safety.

Service Overview

  • Full service for fixing vulnerabilities at a fixed price and a fixed project duration
  • Total project safety based on SLA
  • Detail list of corrections made to the SAP system
  • Presentation of the results for acceptance & processing Corrections made to the SAP systems are

Content and procedure of our SAP Mitigation Service

Our SAP Mitigation Services are specifically designed to eliminate vulnerabilities in your SAP systems that have been created by years of growth and continuous customization. We offer a complete service to remediate vulnerabilities in your SAP system landscape with a fixed project duration at a fixed price.

We know that there are often a large number of vulnerabilities in mature SAP systems that pose significant security and compliance risks. Our experienced SAP security consultants work with the latest technologies and tools to identify vulnerabilities in your SAP system and remediate them quickly and effectively. We use industry-leading tools such as the smarterSec Security Platform to scan your SAP system landscape for vulnerabilities and identify risks. Based on this analysis, we work closely with your team to develop customized procedures to address the vulnerabilities. In doing so, we take into account your individual requirements .and priorities to ensure that we address the vulnerabilities in an effective and efficient manner.

The experienced SAP security consultants perform the necessary corrections and measures to make your systems more secure. We provide you with a detailed list of the corrections made to ensure transparency and traceability. We also ensure that all changes are fully documented and traceable to help you meet compliance requirements.

Once the fixes are complete, we perform a final test to verify that all vulnerabilities have been addressed. We then present the results to you for acceptance and further processing to provide assurance that all corrections have been performed completely.

The goal is to provide you with a well-rounded solution that secures your SAP systems and minimizes the risk of security and compliance breaches. We provide full project security based on SLAs and guarantee a fixed project duration and price.

Our approach to SAP security includes not only vulnerability remediation, but also implementation of best practices and policies to minimize the risk of security breaches. Once the project is complete, we also provide ongoing support to ensure your SAP systems remain safe and secure. In addition, we can also perform periodic reviews or ongoing monitoring of your SAP systems to ensure your systems are always up to date.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our SAP Mitigation Services and how we can help you make your SAP systems secure!

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