SAP Security Roadmap

Detailed analysis with project plan to address security vulnerabilities and compliance violations

How can a SAP Security Roadmap help me to remediate the identified vulnerabilities in my SAP system landscape?

A SAP Security Roadmap gives you a clear overview of the identified security risks and compliance violations in your SAP system landscape, as well as recommendations and actions you can take to address these vulnerabilities. Through detailed analyses of the identified vulnerabilities, you gain a complete understanding of which vulnerabilities exist in your SAP systems and how you can address them and in what order.

This helps you to increase the security level of your SAP system landscape and reduce the risk of security breaches and compliance violations. It also gives you a clear idea of the steps you need to take to make your SAP systems more secure and protected against future threats.

SAP Security Roadmap

The SAP Security Roadmap service provides complete transparency on the current security & compliance level of your SAP system landscape as well as detailed recommendations for identified areas, where SAP security & compliance improvements should be implemented in short-, mid- and long-term.

Service Overview

  • Technical foundation (basic technical protection of the SAP servers)
  • Business layer (securing business processes)
  • Connectivity (securing access at the network level)
  • Governance (regulatory and organizational measures)
  • Controls (measures to ensure trouble-free operation)

Content and process of our SAP Security Roadmap service  

Our SAP Security Roadmap service provides a full assessment of the current security and compliance level of your SAP system landscape, as well as a detailed roadmap with recommended actions to improve your SAP security and compliance.

Based on the results of the technical analysis and the interviews with employees, we evaluate the security and compliance level of your SAP system. We then create an SAP security and compliance roadmap as a project plan that identifies the necessary measures for future improvements.

As part of our service, we prioritize and categorize identified vulnerabilities and list them in a mitigation plan. This enables you to address vulnerabilities in a targeted and effective manner and prioritize measures to improve SAP security.

Our experts conduct personal interviews with all identified contacts to obtain a comprehensive overview of the measures already established. Based on this information and the results of the SAP Security Risk Assessment, we prepare a final report and project plan with detailed recommendations for areas where security improvement measures should be implemented.

The service ends with a joint final presentation where we present the results and recommended measures for optimizing the security and compliance of your SAP system landscape. The project plan we create serves as a roadmap for future security improvement actions, including setting milestones for each area.

Overall, our SAP Security Roadmap service provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the security and compliance of your SAP system landscape, as well as a clear roadmap for future actions to address vulnerabilities and improve the security of your SAP systems.

Contact us and let’s build a secure future for your SAP systems together!

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