SAP Security Patch Day 03/2022

While the February Security Patch Day included a lot of activities (SAP kernel and SAP web dispatcher update, upgrade of SAP Business Client, etc.), the list of security notes for March seems to be manageable for now: a total of 12 new and 4 updated notes.

SAP Security Patch Day 02/2022

The SAP Security Patch Day of February 2022 was once again quite extensive: with 7 notices with the highest risk rating (CVSS score=10).

SAP Security Patch Day 01/2022

A total of 9 notes were published by SAP in January, with note 3131047 being the collective note for the fixes for the “log4shell” vulnerability – a total of 21 additional notes are referenced there.

SAP Security Patch Day Blog-Series

SAP Security Patch Day Blog-Series In this new smarterSec blog-series, we will address the topic of the SAP Security Patch Day from a practical point of view. The focus is not so specifically on the technical analysis of the vulnerabilities, but rather on our experiences and the description of the procedure for applying the critical/high-priority […]