Guarding the Cloud Gateway: Mastering SAP Cloud Connector Security

The SAP Cloud Connector becomes a center piece in regards to your (SAP) security posture.

New strategic partnership between Schweickert and smarterSec

With many years of experience of both companies, we can enable seamless integration of security solutions for SAP and IT infrastructures.

SAP Security Patch Day 07/2023

SAP Security Patch Day in July with 18 new Security Notes – two of them importable in our HCM system.

Updates: smarterSec Security Platform 07/23

In this blog series, we will continuously highlight the newest features and updates that make the smarterSec Security Platform even more powerful for safeguarding your digital assets.

smarterSec launches in Australia

smarterSec GmbH is delighted to announce the official establishment of smarterSec in the APAC region, with its headquarters based in Sydney, Australia

SAP Security Patch Day 06/2023

With the SAP Security Patch Day for the month of June, there are 13 new notes to work on.

Updates: smarterSec Security Platform 05/23

Blog series covering the latest update (new features and improvements) for the smarterSec Security Platform

SAP Security Patch Day 05/2023

As part of the SAP Security patch day for the month of May, a total of 25 notes were published or updated.

SAP Security Patch Day 03/2023

If you look at the security notes from the month of March 2023, many different vulnerability types are represented

SAP Security Patch Day 02/2023

The thematic focus was on vulnerabilities from browser-based applications such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) or Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF).

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