SAP Security Patch Day 01/2023

While only 12 notes have been released since December 2022, there are 7 with a CVSS rating higher than 9.

SAP Security Patch Day 12/2022

In total, 20 Security Notes have been provided to SAP customers since the November deadline – 9 of them in the range of CVSS 8 or higher.

SAP Security Patch Day 09/2022

If you look at the temperatures, autumn is not here yet, but the September Patch Day is – with 16 notes in the bag.

SAP Security Patch Day 08/2022

The August Patch Day falls in the middle of the weather period with great heat and dryness – so it somehow fits into the picture that this one is comparatively meager with 7 notes.

SAP Security Patch Day 07/2022

The number of published notes since the last Patch Day (including the July date this Tuesday): twenty-three. 23 – with this number Michael Jordan dominated the NBA.

SAP Security Patch Day 06/2022

Security officers sometimes must exercise patience and just do the diligence work – without anything countable coming out right away. And that’s how the June patch day feels, which we want to apply in the usual manner to our own HCM system.

SAP Security Patch Day 05/2022

Patch in May or go away” … that’s how an old stock market saying should sound if you want to adapt it to the security of IT systems: continuous patching is a must if you are serious about this goal.

SAP Security Patch Day 04/2022

That’s what you might think when you look at this month’s list of Security Notes, which is over 30 entries strong. Once again, we are reporting here from the field!

SAP Security Patch Day 03/2022

While the February Security Patch Day included a lot of activities (SAP kernel and SAP web dispatcher update, upgrade of SAP Business Client, etc.), the list of security notes for March seems to be manageable for now: a total of 12 new and 4 updated notes.

SAP Security Patch Day 02/2022

The SAP Security Patch Day of February 2022 was once again quite extensive: with 7 notices with the highest risk rating (CVSS score=10).