Updates: smarterSec Security Platform 05/23

Blog series covering the latest update (new features and improvements) for the smarterSec Security Platform

SAP Security Patch Day 05/2023

As part of the SAP Security patch day for the month of May, a total of 25 notes were published or updated.

SAP Security Patch Day 03/2023

If you look at the security notes from the month of March 2023, many different vulnerability types are represented

SAP Security Patch Day 02/2023

The thematic focus was on vulnerabilities from browser-based applications such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) or Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF).

SAP Security Patch Day 01/2023

While only 12 notes have been released since December 2022, there are 7 with a CVSS rating higher than 9.

SAP Security Patch Day 12/2022

In total, 20 Security Notes have been provided to SAP customers since the November deadline – 9 of them in the range of CVSS 8 or higher.

SAP Security Patch Day 11/2022

On November 08th, 2022 was the SAP Security Patch Day for this month – a total of 14 notes are available for SAP customers to apply.

SAP Security Patch Day 09/2022

If you look at the temperatures, autumn is not here yet, but the September Patch Day is – with 16 notes in the bag.

SAP Security Patch Day 08/2022

The August Patch Day falls in the middle of the weather period with great heat and dryness – so it somehow fits into the picture that this one is comparatively meager with 7 notes.

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